Piercing Policies

Piercing Policies

Please read through the entirety of this page thoroughly before booking your piercing appointment.

*There is an extra $15 charge for children under the age of 12.*

At Old School Tattoo and Piercing, we are always concerned with the safety and ethics of the work we perform. Due to this, we have stringent policies regarding our piercing procedure.

The TDLR version:

1) We will not pierce any individual who is unable to express personal interest in getting pierced. This includes infants. Consent is extremely important, and regardless of who else is in the room with you, your piercer will seek an “emphatic yes” from you before we pierce you.

2) We do not do any work on or around the genitals of anyone younger than the age of 18. This would be assault and is unquestionably wrong. We will never ever work on or around the genitals or nipples of a person younger than 18. Full stop.

3) We will not do any work in any areas besides the ears for anyone under the age of 13. There are sometimes exceptions to this rule. Please speak to your piercer for more information before you book your appointment.

4) We will never use a gun to perform the piercing; it may be quick, but it is not a safe or sanitary means to pierce any part of the human body.

5) ID’s In Regards To Minors: We must be able to scan some form of current, unexpired identification for BOTH the minor being pierced AS WELL as their parent or legal guardian. ALL ID’s must be original (no copies or pictures) and not expired. Acceptable forms of ID for minors include: birth certificate, tribal ID, drivers permit, drivers license, Nexus pass, or a passport. UNacceptable forms of ID would include social security cards, school ID, insurance cards, etc.

The guardian must be present at the time that the identification is presented and release forms are filled out. If the last names of the guardian and the minor do not match then we will also require some other identification that would show reason for the discrepancy in names. Please see “More About Piercing Identification” below for more in-depth information.

6) ANYONE getting pierced needs to show current, unexpired, government issued ID.

7) You must be 18 years old or older in order to be pierced without parental or legal guardian consent.

More About Piercing Identification:

Identifying who you are: just like providing your passport at the airport or showing your up-to-date-unexpired-ID in order to buy alcohol, we need to make sure you are who you say you are. Current unexpired government issued photo identification is the best and easiest way to do this. We will not accept hole-punched ID’s or expired ID’s.

Why we won’t accept photos or copies of your ID: in an age where photo editing is a little too easy, it is safer for everyone involved to skip the chance and get straight to what we know is legitimate. We see doctored and falsified photos of identification often in this line of work, and to prevent us from accepting less than legitimate documentation, we won’t accept photos or copies. We have to makes sure you are who you say you are, and that means making sure that your documentation isn’t fake.

When it comes to minors: Unexpired State ID, Military ID, a Passport or a Birth Certificate are all acceptable forms of ID. Minors do not need photo proof of who they are, however, the ID that you choose to bring in must be original. Photocopies or pictures on a phone are not acceptable. Along with the minor’s ID, we will also request to see their legal guardian’s ID with which we will compare last names.

Since families come in all shapes and sizes and forms, not every parent may be on a birth certificate. If that is the case we will seek other ways to connect the two individuals such as: matching the address on both forms of identification, matching the parent’s date of birth on their ID to that on the child’s birth certificate, asking for a marriage certificate to connect the discrepancy in last names, or asking for legal guardianship paperwork that has been issued by the courts and signed appropriately with current dates.

If you have any questions about proving guardianship or anything else regarding piercing feel free to directly contact one of our piercers. @piercingbysalvatore, @piercer_cori or @piercings.by.jupiter, or by calling the shop and talking to a piercer.

Forms of ID that do not work:

  • Social Security Card
  • Health insurance card
  • Work ID
  • Tax documents
  • School yearbooks
  • Facebook or Instagram profile
  • Family photos
  • “We look alike.”
  • “I promise they are my kid.”
  • School ID

Isn’t it enough that I’m the parent? Yes! We just need proof that you are the parent. I promise that if your kid came home with 6 new piercings and a face tattoo because their aunt or uncle or nanny took them to get it done that you wouldn’t be very happy. These policies keep your child safe.

How to best prepare for your piercing: Read the studio website carefully, paying special attention to policies that specifically relate to the procedure that you want to have done. A few weeks before your appointment, make sure that you have all your documentation ready and easily accessible. If you are not able to have these ready, wait to make your appointment until you have everything in hand. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call and ask! Once you’re sure that you have all your things sorted, book your piercing appointment using our online booking form.

Before you head out to see us, double check that you have all of your paperwork and the appropriate people with you. There’s nothing worse than showing up for your appointment and being told that we can’t do it because you forgot something or overlooked something. Make sure you’ve eaten before your appointment, and feel free to bring something sugary to drink! We want this to be a fun, easy process for everyone!

See ya when you come in to get poked! 

xoxo, your piercers at Old School