Devon | Tattoo

Devon | Tattoo

Tidbits About Devon

Nickname: Super Kami Guru
Hometown: Townsville
Years tattooing: 8+
Height: 5’ 13”
Fave food: breakfast, all breakfast, all day any time
Fave band: QOTSA
Pet peeves: Poltergeists, rednecks, trump fucks

Meet Devon

To book an appointment with Devon, please visit his website: Devon does all his booking directly through his personal site.

Instagram: @devonbluetattoo

Specializing in American traditional tattooing, Devon utilizes bold lines, bright colors, and a healthy dose of black shading, to create the most visually striking designs that will last a lifetime.
Lover of all the classic designs of old, but more than happy to turn your ideas into a bold traditional piece. Also a lover of all things nerdy, extra points if you ask him to tattoo anything from a cartoon/comic/video game etc.

When not pulling sick skin wheelies at work, you can find Devon exploring the great indoors, becoming emotionally invested in cartoon characters, and upsetting his neighbors with his loud sludgey guitar playing.


To book an appointment with Devon, please visit our booking form (mouse over “Tattoo” and click on “Book A Tattoo”). Thank you!