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Meet Mikel Kay

Mikel Kay started tattooing in 2005 and has been at Old School Tattoo the entire time. He has a hard time putting thoughts into words on paper but is extraordinary at conceptualizing the clients visions and turning them into beautiful pieces of art that they will be proud to wear for a lifetime. He enjoys working on large custom designs, black/grey, traditional and neo traditional Americana and Japanese styles. To book an appointment come in

Insta: @mfkdoom

Mikel's Hours:
Monday-Thursday 10-4pm And Fridays 4-9pm
Come on in to book an appointment or email Mikel at mikelfnkay@yahoo.com

Tidbit’s About Mikel

Nickname: What nickname?
Years Tattooing: 13 years
Height: Tall enough to ride
Hometown: Anacortes, WA
Favorite Food: Anything wrapped in a tortilla
Favorite Band: Depends on my mood, but I will always like Appetite for Destruction
Favorite Mediums: The FW acrylics & the oils are what I paint with the most
Go-To Lunch Spot: Going to lunch in this town sucks. Unless its in a tortilla
Pet Peeve(s): The smell of broccoli

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