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Meet Paul Foertsch

Paul Foertsch, originally from Colorado, began his career as a tattooist here in Bellingham at the dawn of the new millennium, continuing a lifelong interest in art and people watching. Over the years his style of tattooing has gravitated towards detail and realism, photo replication, black and grey portraits, pin ups, as well as the joys of color. While not at the shop or spending time on the home front with his family,
Paul enjoys painting, ping-pong, fixing things and skiing.

Paul's Hours
 By Appointment Only:
Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am - 8:00pm
Friday and Saturday 10:00 - 6:00pm

Tidbits About Paul

Nickname: Tall Paul
Years Tattooing: 16
Height: 6'7"
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO
Favorite Food: Cheese, (and beer)
Favorite Band: The Sword
Favorite Mediums: Skin, acrylic paint, and deep powder
Go-To Lunch Spot: Old World Deli
Pet Peeve(s): Cat pee and meter maids.

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