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Piercing Policies

Minor Piercing Policy

At Old School Tattoo and Piercing, we are always concerned with the safety and ethics of the work we perform. Due to this, we have stringent policies regarding the piercing of minors.
These policies are as follows:

1) We will not pierce any individual who is unable to express personal interest in getting pierced. This includes infants.

2) We do not do any work in the mouth or around the genitals of anyone younger than the age of 18.

3) We will not do any work in any areas besides the ears for anyone under the age of 13.

4) We will never use a gun to perform the piercing; it may be quick, but it is not a safe or sanitary means to pierce any part of the human body.

You can find more information about this at painfulpleasures.com

5) We must be able to scan some form of identification for both the minor being pierced as well as the guardian of aforementioned minor.

The guardian must also be present at the time that the identification is presented and release forms are filled out. If the last names of the guardian and the minor do not match then we will also require some other identification that would show reason for the discrepancy in names.

Acceptable forms of I.D. include driver’s licenses, military I.D., passports, and birth certificates.

If you have any questions about proving guardianship or anything else regarding piercing feel free to contact me during my business hours.