Meet JD

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Ok, so I tried writing up this bio in the third person and sat here for a very long time trying to think up things to say about myself. And whenever I’d write something down, it sounded awkward and weird so I decided to just heck with it all and do it this way.


Hi, I’m Jupiter but everyone calls me JD. I work at the front desk here at the shop, talking to people and answering the phone, responding to email and messages, and playing assistant to the artists. I love my job here so much, and I get a lot of enjoyment out of spending time at the shop. Talking is my strong suit, so me getting to hang out at the front desk and get paid to talk to people is like…perfect.


I enjoy a lot of different things – music, writing, drawing, exploring, having new experiences, spending time with my kids… I have a cat at home named Eleanor Shellstrop and a bearded dragon named Thorin Oakenshield and a dog named Isabelle Marie Stamback. I love them all a lot, even tho the cat thinks the lizard is a snack. A heckin’ snack.

Tidbits About Jupiter

Nickname: JD
Years at Old School: 4
Height: 5'2"
Hometown: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Favorite Food: Potatoes
Favorite Band: Cloud Cult
Favorite Mediums: Pen and paper
Go-To Lunch Spot: Black Sheep
Pet Peeve(s): Humming, whistling, repetitive noises, chewing, racism, cops, homophobes, styrofoam, people not understanding how to properly use on and off ramps on the freeway...the list could go on but I should stop there.